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GCWeb, the WET-BOEW theme

The page templates and design patterns below comprise a reference implementation of the design system, including the mandatory requirement of the Content and Information Architecture (C&IA) Specification. Government of Canada departments and agencies can contribute additional patterns and templates via GCWeb github repository.

Found an C&IA implementation issue or you want to contribute at their development, let us know by submiting GCweb issue, sending pull request or by participating at one of our WET-BOEW weekly Tuesday code sprint.




Consult méli-mélo dedicated page

Sites and global functionality

WET-BOEW feature demos styled with theme

WET-BOEW feature overview

GCWeb project documentation

Evaluations and reports

Developping for GCWeb

Install NodeJS

Building GCweb

Run GCWeb wetsite locally

Ensure that you have builded GCWeb first

After your are running docking container or the docker composer you will be able to access your local website at: http://localhost:4000

Build Dockerfile locally

docker build -t jekyll-with-env-options .

Run your image

grunt debug

docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/usr/src/app -p "4000:4000" --env JEKYLL_OPTIONS='--config _config.yml,_localJekyll.yml' jekyll-with-env-options

alternative with docker-compose

This version leverage the remote theme wet-beoew/gcweb-jekyll. This equivalent if you run with gh-pages through your own GCWeb repository.

docker-compose up

Run the continous integration and deployment script locally

Install ACT -

Github fork needed:

Run the continuous deployment script

act -f deploy-gcweb -s my_token=<XXXXXXXXXXXXXX> -s my_username="<GITHUB USERNAME>" - my_email="<GITHUB HANDLE>" -a <GITHUB HANDLE>


Refresh your github pages with the latest theme changes

You can make a commit to your site and it will get regenerated with the latest version of the jekyll theme. Alternatively, the following curl command will told github to regenerate your site.



Note: A manual update is required if you have specified a version for your jekyll remote theme in your config.yml file.

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