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GCWeb, the WET-BOEW theme

The page templates and design patterns below comprise a reference implementation of the design system, including the mandatory requirement of the Content and Information Architecture (C&IA) Specification. Government of Canada departments and agencies can contribute additional patterns and templates via GCWeb github repository.

Found an C&IA implementation issue or you want to contribute at their development, let us know by submiting GCweb issue, sending pull request or by participating at one of our weekly WET office hours (formerly known as WET-BOEW code sprint) every Tuesday.

Meaning of statuses
Meet the latest published specification.
Relatively stable, yet experimental; use at your own risks.
Do not use because it's deprecated, but listed here for your information.
Missing State in the component documentation.



Design patterns

Special features


The experimentation hub you have been waiting for! The méli-mélo compilation which include experimental code allow you to bring in some awesome new code you would usually consider "custom" to the theme.

Learn more about experimentation

Promotional thematics

Do you have a set of pages that use an original look related to a specific promotion? Try this special hub for promotional thematics instead.

Learn more about promotional thematics

Sites and global functionality

Core components for the theme

Common components


Other documentation

WET features styled with theme

view list of demos

GCWeb project documentation

Evaluations and reports

Implementing / Developing

Implementing GCWeb on your site

Implementation guide for the theme with the Web Experience Toolkit version 4.x.

Quick guide

Developing for WET / GCWeb

Join the community and start creating, improving and fixing GCWeb, the theme. Learn how to set up your local environment.

Start coding

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