Getting Started

If you are working behind a proxy, you may want to look at the proxy troubleshooting guide.

I want to use WET on my website

  1. Grab the production files for the latest stable release of one of the themes from the downloads page.
  2. Follow the implementation instructions in the documentation for the theme that was downloaded.
  3. Review the style guide for information on implementing WET on your site.

I want to report a bug or ask a question about WET

  1. Create a GitHub account.
  2. Ask a question relating to the style guide by creating a new issue on GitHub.
  3. Report a bug, ask a question or request a feature relating to WET by following the reporting guide.

I want to fix or improve WET as a developer

First, please consult our Contributing guidelines. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Install NodeJS for your platform.
  2. Create a GitHub account.
  3. Follow GitHub's guides on setting up Git.
  4. Fork the wet-boew repository by following the GitHub forking guide. Use the upstream URL of in step 3.
  5. Run ./script/setup from the wet-boew directory in your command line console.
  6. Run grunt to build the project. You may run grunt --help to see the build target descriptions.
  7. The latest files will now be compiled to the dist/ folder.
  8. To contribute back, follow the instructions on how to create a pull request and consult our contributing guidelines.
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