Creating a pull request

Pull requests are welcome. Please make sure your changes are to the latest code and limit the commit range to just the files you intended to change (to avoid conflicts).

New components

Should be added in a feature-* branch (e.g., feature-lightbox) that is created off of the master branch.

Bug fixes and patches that apply to all versions

Should be submitted to the master branch.

Testing your PR before submitting

Commit Messages

When committing changes for a pull request, your commit message should start off with the name of the affected plugin(s) or topic, followed by a colon and a short description of what's changed. A longer description can also optionally be included. If the commit resolves a pre-existing issue on GitHub, include "Fixes #issue-id." as a part of the long description.

Message example
Plugin name/topic: Short description of the change.
(Optional) Long description of the change. Fixes #1715.
Command line example
git commit -m "Plugin name/topic: Short description of the change." -m "(Optional) Long description of the change. Fixes #1715."
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