WET-BOEW and GCWeb are at least quarterly released.

See Versioning for the meaning of each version number.

Latest release

Product Version Files
Web Experience Toolkit (WET) v4.0.77 Download - v4.0.77 - Web Experience Toolkit (WET) theme (GCWeb) v14.7.0 Download - v14.7.0 - theme

Developer build

The following build of wet-boew and gcweb contains the latest changes made at the source in the master branch.

Previous versions of WET-BOEW and GCWeb

Previous versions of WET-BOEW and GCWeb downloads are not listed on this page anymore.

Effective on: January 19, 2021

Downloads are available on GitHub:

Tip: After you have found the version you want to download, look for the Assets drop down in order to download the "dist" zip file.

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