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Provisory GCWeb feature

Updated: 2021-06-23

This is track the development of provisonal feature to support new beta design pattern.

GC Subway template

Institutional profile

Template/design pattern documentation template

Active projects

Updated: 2022-12-16


GCWeb Jekyll variant

WET 5 - New framework

Multi page survey

Flat checkboxes and radio button for theme

Web Controls Library .NET

List of wet-boew component ready to be used in a .NET environment

Horizontal definition list

Be able to specify a relative with for the definition title because the default one is sometime restrictive in some content design.

Steps visual indicator

Provide a visual indication that show the current forms steps.

Common chat experience

Convert a form into a chat like interaction. The supporting use case is for GCWeb only for now.

Step form

This component provides the ability to break a form into steps. To be use when Web forms are long/contain lot of information.

Responsive table (gc-table)

Develop a responsive table experience, like table saw or similar

jQuery 3 Migration

We’re upgrading jQuery from version 2.2.4 to 3.3.1. Version 2.x is no longer supported, nor is it receiving any security patches or bug fixes. The idea is to release a beta version first for groups to test with, and then a full version shortly thereafter.

Add to calendar

Widget that can create an outlook like invitation on the fly to allow the user to add into its device calendar.

Design system

Provide a central design system library.

Previously - Design system in 2018

Design system to standardize the visual language and user experience of our digital collaboration tools. The system will encompass visual elements, components and communications.

Going stale project

Long documents (was PDF generator)

Create a new feature that would allow the user to obtain a PDF printable version of the page. The PDF printable version are different from the web printable version in the sense that it would be possible to control and well define how the content of the webpage would transposed into a paper base format.

Combobox (autocomplete/suggestion)

[ was: Improved datalist (autocomplete/suggestion) ] Simulate a datalist that work uniformly through browser implementation and contains more functionality compared as described in the HTML5.3 spec such as

Migration to WCAG 2.1 Level AA

See the Accessibility project.

Checkbox based filtering

Leverage CSS classes and checkboxes to apply content filtering. A feature like the filter plugin but without keyword filtering through a text field. This functionality might be required for publishing the Digital Playbook on

Score system for triggering action with Field flow

Through a questionnaire, having each question that provide a score. And when a specific score is reach or when it is manually trigger (like at the end of the questionnaire) A results adapted to the score obtained will be displayed.

Backlog project

Update outdated Node package

Update outdated NPM package of wet-boew and gcweb build package.

Postal code lookup for maps or to refine/classify a result set

Having a postal code lookup where it would display relative result on a map, or show a list of results classify by the closest to the farest. Having the posibility to set a threshold, like within 50 km of the entered postal code,… We might need to consider to merge the geo localisation data with real time data, like showing the waiting for location display after the postal code lookup.

Update jekyll variant

Goal is to have a base jekyll variant to improve contribution. At the end we would need to consider one repository per theme and we should consider to leverage the CDTS (Centrally Deployed Templates Solution). This site “WET-BOEW project documentation” are running with jekyll but don’t use yet the variant.

Flagging insecure dependencies [Build script]

Look at Retire.js for flagging insecure dependencies in WET.

Block autofill (autocomplete)

Have an autofill (autocomplete) for a group of form field. It could be provided through suggestion when filling a adjacent input file. Something like the street address lookup service from canada post. Where you just type a postal code with the house street number and you are able to get the exact full complete address (city, province, official street name).

Fixing potential security vulnerability with jQuery 2.x

Ensuring that WET do not contain any security culnerability exposed by using the jQeury 2.x library.

Inactive project with prototype

Any taker? The following projects are currently incomplete and perhaps not ready to get merged into wet-boew. However a considerable amount of work was completed and they might only to be tuned. If you are interested, please contact wet-boew project lead or let’s know your interests by opening a new github issue on the wet-boew main project. Idem if you are aware of incomplete project that should be added at this list.

Responsive table (Table saw)

Transform data table into responsive table that are mobile friendly. There is four mode: Stack, Swipe, Toggle and display the table as is in large view.

Feature calc

A calculator helper plugin to provide a basic math calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) engine. The requirement for calculations that could be implemented via WET-assisted HTML came about during the migration of web pages where inline Javascript was not supported.

Reading Progress Bar/indicator

Last updated: February 4, 2019

Have a progress bar at the top of certain reports, which gives the reader an overview of how far in the page they are at. So becomes basically a reading progress bar.

(As seen at the top of the window on this current page.)

Projects with no official team lead

An considerable interest was expressed for the following projects. Some work was already been completed and we are looking to have an official team lead to move it forward.

React variant

Last updated: March 1, 2018

Use WET feature through a React web application

Github related issue:

Working example:

Next step:

Features request and new project idea

The following project idea (feature request) was brought up, but there is no known official development team that are working on it. If you are interested to take over and lead one of the following project, please contact us by submitting an issue on github or by joining us at the Roadmap meeting. The roadmap meeting information are available on the wet-boew group on


Last updated: July 24, 2019

Move DatePicker from the polyfill folder to the plugins, giving developers flexibility to provide either the native date picker from the browser or the plugin itself. Plugin’s default behaviour MUST remain the polyfill (for browser without support), but further enhancements could be added optionally. One of the major concern was that Edge’s native date picker prevents the user from inputting text in the field.


Last updated: March 1, 2018

Need for more documentation on how WET can be integrated with Angular. For instruction on how pages can be designed to ensure the “Basic HTML mode” continue to work as expected. For instruction on how to design web interface that support Basic HTML and the angular enhanced mode.

Compare product

Last updated: March 1, 2018

To have an easy way to compare multiple product side by side. A feature similar as we can found when a user want to buy a new camera on a web site and he want to compare side by side the specification for two different model of camera in order to decide which one would fit best his needs.

Javascript AB testing framework

Last updated: December 2, 2020

Have a javascript that can show option A or B and be consistent for a period of 2-3 weeks.



Next step:


Show the list of completed projects

Save HTML table into CSV

Save a HTML table into a CVS file on the fly by using javascript. That feature are going to be implemented in the action manager.

Accessibility - Assessment tool for WCAG 2.1 AA/AAA

Geomap - Upgrade to open layer v3.x

Upgrade the geomap plugin to use the latest version of open layer v3.x.

Server side error message integration with form validation feature

Harmonize the error message displayed when in browser error is combined with server side errors

Support CORS with feed plugin

Bypassing the yahoo API call when fetching an ATOM feed that inside the scope defined by CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing).

Boolean filtering for WET filter feature

Provide the option regarding how the space is interpretated during filtering content with the filter plugin.