Design decision

The following are design decision for WET. Those decision are used for providing guidance on how to design content, features and theme. Design decision are subject for review by every wet-boew contributor and its official approval is made by participant of the WET-BOEW Roadmap monthly meeting, WET expert and WET administrator. Any propose changes to an approved design design, except to trivial editorial fixes, are subject to go through the whole approval process.

If you have any questions in regards of one of the above design decision, please open an issue in the wet-boew repository.



Proposed (Going to be presented)

  • None


Design decision ready to be presented at the roadmap WET-BOEW meeting.


Design decision that required some additional testing or information before to be officially submited

Future design decision idea

  • Web page meaningful sequence, focus order, consistent navigation conforming for a specific view port but not between view port.
  • Long term release and doing more frequent releases (~weekly)


Process overview to obsolete a design decision. It can be obsoleted if they are not valid when considering the latest common and best practice. In order to obsolete a decision, an evidence would need to be documented and presented explaining why it is not valid accompanied with recommendation of a process to migrate content that was following the obsoleted design decision. You can initiate the conversation by submitting a new issue on Github in the wet-boew main repository.

Approval process

The approval process consist in the following steps: