Design decision 5 - Decision on repository migration



This is to ensure WET 4 code and discussion are not inter-mixed with WET 5. WET 4 (component based) and WET 5 (Logical Development Design based) are different in how discussion and reported issues are analyzed and going to be resolved. Thus they have their own repositories to voice issues and discussions. The expected result is the main repository would be reserved for WET 5 (or latest) code while WET 4 (or previous) has its own repository.

This strategy is about:

Migration steps

  1. Tag issues with a WET 4 label
  2. Create a dedicated repo, like: wet-boew/wb-maintenance (for WET-BOEW in maintenance mode only)
  3. Move the WET 4 code base into the master branch of that extended support repo.
  4. Clean the wet-boew repo to include only WET 5 code. Move WET 4 related branch into the extended support repo.
  5. Use a bot to move all WET 4 issues into that new repo. (https://github-issue- Or Or use our own via the GitHub API)
    • It will copy each issue (including all comments)
    • It will create a link between issues
    • It will close the original issue
  6. After WET 4 end of support
    • Close all WET 4 issues with a message saying “WET 4 is no longer supported, please follow these instructions (link) to migrate to WET 5”
    • Move the code base into wet-boew-legacy project