Design decision 11 - Resize text testing methodology



There is some ambiguity regarding to what method should be used for resizing text in regard of WCAG 2.0/2.1 Success Criteria 1.4.4.


Support rational

As February 2020 and as defined by the design decision #2 - Browser supported here a quick view of zoom feature supported by those browser.

Special note regarding WET 4.0.x


The best practice is to develop digital content that passes Success Criteria 1.4.4 - Resize text by using both methods of resizing text (400% zoom, 200% text resize).

When only one testing methodology is used, it must be browser window set to 1280px wide and zoom up to 400%, simultaneously passing Success Criteria 1.4.4 – Resize Text (AA) and 1.4.10 – Reflow (AA).