Steps Form

Unstable feature

To be used at your own risk. This feature described below can be removed in any subsequent minor/major release

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Provides the ability to split a form into steps (without/with generic validation).


Client Information
Contact Information
Ethics Questionnaire

For each of the following examples, indicate whether or not you feel that there is an ethical issue.

Ethics 1: You pay $10.00 bucks for a purchase, but receive change for $20.00 bucks. Would you keep the extra money?
Ethics 2: You need a software, but can't wait for office to make a decision. Against license restrictions would you download it?
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  1. Create a <div> element with class wb-steps (you can also add class wb-frmvld for validation).
    <div class="wb-frmvld wb-steps"></div>
  2. Within previous the <div> element add a <form> element.
    <form action="#" method="get" id="steps-example"></form>
  3. Within previous the <form> element add your <fieldset> element which will need an <legend> and <div>. These will become your steps
    <legend>Client Information</legend>
    <div>(Any content in the div will be hidden.)</div>
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