Datalist polyfill (auto-complete)


The HTML5 input list attribute and the datalist element add auto-complete functionality to specific text input fields by dynamically displaying a list of words that match the user’s input. Because some browsers do not support this functionality natively, this polyfill emulates the same functionality using generic HTML and WAI-ARIA. Browsers that do not support the input list attribute and the datalist element natively ignore the auto-complete functionality and therefore, the text input field behaves like it normally does.


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<label for="city">City</label>
<input type="text" id="city" name="city" list="suggestions" />
<datalist id="suggestions">
	<!--[if lte IE 9]><select><![endif]-->
	<option label="Barrie" value="Barrie"></option>
	<option label="Calgary" value="Calgary"></option>
	<option label="Charlottetown" value="Charlottetown"></option>
	<option label="Chibougamau" value="Chibougamau"></option>
	<option label="Chilliwack" value="Chilliwack"></option>
	<option label="Cold Lake" value="Cold Lake"></option>
	<option label="Dorval" value="Dorval"></option>
	<option label="Edmonton" value="Edmonton"></option>
	<option label="Flin Flon" value="Flin Flon"></option>
	<option label="Hamilton" value="Hamilton"></option>
	<option label="Iqualuit" value="Iqualuit"></option>
	<option label="Ottawa" value="Ottawa"></option>
	<option label="Miramichi" value="Miramichi"></option>
	<option label="Montreal" value="Montreal"></option>
	<option label="Red Deer" value="Red Deer"></option>
	<option label="St. John" value="St. John"></option>
	<option label="St. John's" value="St. John's"></option>
	<option label="Toronto" value="Toronto"></option>
	<option label="Vancouver" value="Vancouver"></option>
	<option label="Whitehorse" value="Whitehorse"></option>
	<option label="Winnipeg" value="Winnipeg"></option>
	<option label="Yellowknife" value="Yellowknife"></option>
	<!--[if lte IE 9]></select><![endif]-->
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