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Accessibility guide

The accessibility guide provides content authors and webmasters with an understanding of how to create and code content so that is accessible to all users, regardless of ability or disability.


The most important blind visitor to your website is Google! In the same way that creating accessible web pages helps disabled person access your content, it also helps Google index your pages so that the right people can find your service or product.

-Jim Byrne
Founder of Guild of Accessible Web Designers

The term accessibility can be understood to mean accommodating characteristics a person cannot change.

-Joe Clark
Author of Building Accessible Websites

Industry data shows that for each dollar spent to fix a problem during product design, $10 are spent to fix the same problem in product development, and $100 or more are spent to fix the same problem after product release.

-Claire Marie Karat
A business case approach to usability cost justification

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