HTML Tables and WET Table Parser


HTML Table Technique

Issued from the WET Toolbox 3.0

  1. Defining a Key Cell
  2. Defining a Data Row Group
  3. Summaries a Data Row Group
  4. Structuring the Header Row
  5. Describing a Row Header Cell
  6. Describing a Row Group Header Cell
  7. Defining Column Group Header
  8. Structuring the Header Column Cell
  9. Defining a Data Column Group
  10. Summaries a Data Column Group
  11. Describing a Column Header Cell
  12. Defining a Layout Cell

From the WCAG 2.0

Zebra striping for tables

Case Studies

  1. Case Studies #1
  2. Nutrition Facts table
  3. Ottawa Senators vs. Buffalo Sabres - Game ID # 270519002

Table Parser - Technical Documentation

The technical is on the "Table Usability Concept" github repository. If you found bug or have questions on how to use the parser and how to create complex table, please do not hesitate to submit an issue request.

Other Resource