Working examples

Name Category Description Keywords
Grid System Core framework Provides a layout grid, modules and other features for creating visually appealing layouts by enabling consistent placement and styling of content.
Accessibility responsibility breakdown Other Provides a breakdown of WCAG 2.0 accessibility responsibilities throughout the Web production chain.
Optimal content development tools (v3.1.0) Other Provides tools to aid in creation of Web page elements. Currently only available tool is the table validator. Table Validator
Responsive design emulator Other Displays a Web page from the WET theme on common display widths and devices sizes.
Web accessibility assessment methodology Other Provides an assessment methodology that assists with measuring conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level A, AA, and AAA Success Criteria.
Archived information Plugins Helps users identify Web pages that have been archived online.
Charts and graphs Plugins Dynamically generates charts and graphs from table data.
Events calendar Plugins Dynamically generates a calendar interface for navigating a list of events.
Expand/collapse all (v3.1.0) Plugins Creates buttons that expand and collapse all details elements on a page.
Feedback form Plugins Allows users to submit feedback for a specific Web page or Web site.
Footnotes Plugins Provides a consistent, accessible way of handling footnotes across websites.
Form validation Plugins Provides generic validation and error message handling for Web forms.
Geomap (v3.1.0) Plugins Displays a dynamic map over which information from additional sources can be overlaid.
Language selector Plugins Provides ASP, Javascript, Perl, and PHP appraoches for automatically linking to different language versions of the current page.
Lightbox Plugins Helps build a photo gallery on a web page.
Menu bar Plugins Provides an interactive menu bar with optional mega menu sub-menus.
Multimedia player Plugins Provides a multimedia player for embedding accessible video and audio into web pages.
Prettify Plugins Provides syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an HTML page using google-code-prettify. Source Code
Responsive images (v3.1.0) Plugins Provides support for responsive images by emulating the proposed <picture> element.
Session timeout Plugins Helps Web asset owners to provide session timeout and inactivity timeout functionality.
Share widget Plugins Facilitates sharing Web content on social media platforms.
Slide-out tab Plugins Provides a tab at the edge of the content area that can slide out to show content.
Tabbed interface Plugins Dynamically transforms multiple sections of content into a tabbed interface.
Table enhancement (v3.1.0) Plugins Integrates the DataTables plugin into WET providing searching, sorting, filtering, pagination and other advanced features for tables.
Text highlighting Plugins Automatically highlights certain words on a Web page. The highlighted words can be selected via the query string.
Web feeds Plugins Aggregates and displays entries from one or more Web feeds.
Zebra striping Plugins Adds alternating highlights to rows in lists or tables.
Auto-complete Polyfills Adds auto-complete functionality to specific text input fields by dynamically displaying a list of words that match the user's input.
Date picker Polyfills Dynamically generates a calendar interface for selecting a date in a form.
Expandable/collapsible content Polyfills The <details> and <summary> elements allows content to be expanded and collapsed.
Mathematical/scientific formula display Polyfills Emulates MathML support for browsers that do not have MathML support.
Meter (v3.1.0) Polyfills The <meter> element displays a scalar measurement in a known range.
Persistent storage Polyfills The Web storage localStorage object is used to store data persistently (no expiration date). Local Storage, HTML5
Progress bar Polyfills The <progress> element displays the progress of a task.
Session storage (v3.1.0) Polyfills The Web storage sessionStorage object is used to store data for the current session. HTML5
Slider control Polyfills The <input type="range" /> element displays a slider control bar.
Base theme (v3.1.0) Themes and style A theme template to aid in the creation of new themes.
CLF 2.0 theme Themes and style This theme complies with CLF 2.0 while working with the Web Experience Toolkit.
Design guide (v3.1.0) Themes and style Any website using a WET template should adhere to this guide.
Government of Canada Web usability theme Themes and style The Government of Canada Web Usability theme was developed to comply with the Standard on Web Usability and is recommended for use with all Government of Canada websites.
Government of Canada Intranet theme Themes and style The Government of Canada Intranet theme adapts the Government of Canada Web usability theme for intranet sites.
Open Goverment Platform (OGPL) theme (v3.1.2) Themes and style The Open Goverment Platform (OGPL) theme was developed to support the Open Government Platform (OGPL).
Optimal content examples Themes and style Provides examples and explanations for how Web pages should be coded.
Web Experience Toolkit (WET) theme (v3.1.0) Themes and style The Web Experience Toolkit (WET) theme was developed to provide an example implementation of the Base Theme.
Jekyll variant (v3.1.0) Variants Adapts WET for use with Jekyll.
PHP variant Variants Adapts WET for use with PHP.