WET 5 - WET-BOEW documentation

We have start our planning to develop WET 5

What we need for WET 5

We would need people for the following task:

Communication lead

Being able to monitor, respond and report/redirect to whom appropriate. Ideally it will be a lead for each channel. We are looking to monitor various social media channel such as:

Document the business side of WET 5

Create some documentation material to ease potential contributor to justify their work on WET 5.

Accessibility check and WCAG 2.1

Lead by Brad Souster Reviewing plugin and ensuring it meet accessibility as per WCAG 2.1 Level AA.

Documentating WET API/Blueprint

Lead by Pierre Dubois. Documentating WET API/Blueprint as per the design decision #5


Maintain a blog and keep it up to date about any progression made to WET 5 project.

Migration - WET 4 to WET 5

Collect early community feedback about moving from WET 4 to WET 5.

Web developer

We are looking for senior and junior javascript developper to help with coding and testing the WET 5 core. Migrating WET 4 plugin to WET 5 plugin.

Just want to contribute

Let us know and we can match you with a group.

List of todo:


Research and exploration