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Use a link (text and/or image) to take a user to another webpage, jump to another location within the same webpage, or perform a user-control function determined by client-side scripting (JavaScript).

Design and coding

Basic use


Use a word, phrase, or image that allows the user to to interact with the content on a screen. This can take the form of navigation, querying or content interaction.

Correct use

Compliance point(s):

  • Use to link from one page to another
  • Use to link from to a section on a page
  • Use to open an overlay or modal/lightbox
  • Use to initiate an event/query
  • Use to open a new outgoing email message
  • Understand and implement the related supporting principles
Incorrect use

Compliance point(s):

  • Do not use this component in a way that conflicts with the preceding compliance point(s)
// Default link:
<a href="#">...</a>

// Link and linked image:
<a href="#"><img src="#" alt="" /></a>

Enhanced use

Add-on features

Additional add-on features and behaviours are available.

Supporting principles

Note: Some of the code and documentation for this page is sourced from Bootstrap (external link)

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