v3.1.4 release notes

What's New

  • Migration: Changed file name suffixes from -eng/-fra to -en/-fr to align with HTML5 conventions and to prepare for WET v4.0. The -eng/-fra files will be maintained for a period time to assist search engines with the transitions and to avoid breaking content.
  • Fixed handling of left mouse buttons clicks in IE8 on same-page links.
  • Multimedia player: Added srclang and label attributes to the caption track in the multimedia player working examples.
  • Tabbed interface: Reduced the screen reader "chatter" and improved Window Eyes support.
  • Added keyboard support for numbers through the numpad, punctuation and various symbols (affects Autocomplete, Menu bar, Share widget and Slideout tag)
  • Fixed rendering of site footer links in small/medium view
  • Updated Charts plugin to Flot v0.8.1


Number of commits: 166

List of commits