Guide d'utilisation de GitHub pour la BOEW

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Folder structure

  • root: The most important file to note in the root is the build.xml file. This is what you will run to build the project. See Building WET.
  • build: Contains the build scripts and build dependencies for WET.
  • dist: This directory contains the resulting files/directories created using the WET 3.0 build process. This folder includes most of the code files that a web project using WET will need. (Such as the CSS and jQuery files). The original contents of build reside in the src folder. This folder includes the components used to build a WET website.
    • grids: Includes CSS and images for Grid system. CSS files were originally coded in SASS, and then converted to CSS during the build process.
    • js: Includes files for JQuery functionality and CSS to style them.
    • lib: Contains libraries used as part of the build process. This folder is not necessary for implementation; but is important for WET development.
    • theme-gcwu-fegc: The GC Web Usability theme is currently the only theme supported in WET 3.0. Any files specific to this theme will be built here.
  • src: This folder includes the initial files and source code for the WET 3.0 project. The src folder is a structured tree of files with ant scripts used to build the project. Although this folder is used by developers to create the final build folder, it is not used in the final website.
    • base: Some base SASS files to format your website under certain conditions. (different browsers, mobile, etc) These files are used for all pages, regardless of theme.
    • grids: SASS files and images for Grid add-on. This add-on provides users with a series of css styles to use. The SASS is converted to CSS during the build process. View different ways to use the grid system here.
    • js: Contains the Javascript Framework which includes plugins, libraries and polyfills.
    • theme-gcwu-fegc: This is where theme specific code is developed. The GC web usability theme is made up of both CSS and jQuery.

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