2018-14 - WET 5 Summary

Summary of the WET5 project. Questions or comments can be share by opening new issue.

WET 5 architecture in a nutshell, as the end of September 2018

Logic Development Design

That means

Project status

November 30

Summary of latest demo

October 9

Prototype update

Keyboard navigation module

October 4

Informal discussion of what is the advantages and disadvantages about current design approach of WET5

Here a list of the item, determining if it is advantage or a disadvantage are opinionated. Share with us your opinion by submiting a new Github issue in the wet-boew project.

as September 28

Question/comments from the WET Roadmap meeting of September 27, 2018

Question/comments from a WET 5 workshop – UXDS @ STATCAN (Published on September 25, 2018)

Question/comments from the WET 5 early prototype presentation of August 31

WET 5 prototype

Published on: 2018-10-09 A demo page for the keyboard navigation module. To demonstrate the flexibility of WET5, this module is used to create a menubar, a secondary menu, a carousel and a calender.