Open Government Platform (OGPL) theme

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The Open Government Platform (OGPL) theme was developed to support the Open Government Platform (OGPL).

Use when

Do not use when

Working example

English and French examples

How to implement

General instructions

  1. Use the *.html files to create your Web pages.
  2. Optional: Create, install and link to one or more new CSS files (will be used for custom CSS)
  3. Correct all *.css, *.js, and *.gif file paths referenced in the installed *.html files
  4. Replace the page title (in between <title> and </title>), the site title, and the content title (in between <h1 id="wb-cont"> and </h1>)
  5. Correct the metadata values

Server instructions

Configure Custom HTTP Headers to emit "X-UA-Compatible" "IE=Edge". Instructions on configuring IIS (English / French) or Apache (English / French) can be found on MSDN. This setting will ensure Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 will use their most recent rendering engine, as opposed to "Compatibility Views".

Content page-specific instructions (content-*.html)

  1. Correct the menu bar links or remove the menu bar
  2. Correct the English/Français link or remove the language selection link
  3. Optional: Implement the secondary menu (maximum of 2 levels)
  4. Correct the search field or remove the search field
  5. Correct the breadcrumb trail or remove the breadcrumb trail
  6. Correct the site footer links
  7. Correct the Date modified/Date de modification or remove the Date modified/Date de modification

Splash page-specific instructions (splashpage-*.html)

  1. Correct the English and French language links

Server message page-specific instructions (serv*.html)

  1. Replace the English and/or French messages.

Source code

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