The goal of this page is to compile a list of accolades and positive mentions for the Web Experience Toolkit. Please help out by adding any accolades or positive mentions that have not already been listed.


Title Date Author Publication
Open source driving digital innovation 2014-02-04 Todd Akers Canadian Government Executive
Codefest 2013: Lessons Learned (only accessible on Government of Canada networks) 2013-10-30 Meghan Hellstern & Laura Wesley Communications Community Newsletter
Fork Your Government: Github Opens A Portal For Wonks 2013-10-16 Anya Kamenetz Fast Company
GitHub Takes on the Government 2013-10-15 Todd Wasserman Mashable
Canadian web experience toolkit 2013-10-14 Ben Balter GitHub
Mobile Code Sharing Catalog Snippet: Web Experience Toolkit 2013-09-12 Jacob Parcell
WxT Codefest Today: Keep Calm and Hack the Government 2013-08-08 Tanya Snook
How the Web Experience Toolkit is changing how we view Public Servants 2013-07-23 Richard Pietro My Einstein Job (Personal Blog)
Open source solutions offered through Canada's web Experience Toolkit 2013-05-06 Molly Bernhart Walker FierceGovernmentIT
How Canada is Revolutionizing Digital Governance 2013-04-19 Andrea Sigritz DigitalGov
WetKit steals the show at DrupalCamp Ottawa 2013-04-19 Andrea Sigritz DigitalGov
Canadian Coders Solve Mystery of Open Source Government 2013-01-11 Robert McMillan Wired
The day I discovered Web Experience Toolkit Distribution 2012-11-30 Roberto Montero Personal blog
The right solutions – by design 2012-10-09 Laura Wesley Canadian Government Executive
The Canadian Government published their first Github Repo months ago 2012-08-24 Various Reddit programming discussion
Usability for Canadian Government Websites 2012-07-11 Lucia Harper The Other Harper


Title Event Time of WET reference
Pull: Richard Pietro on Technology and Government Web Experience Toolkit CodeFest 2013 (2013-08-09) Entire video
Web Experience Toolkit CodeFest 2013 - Day 2 Web Experience Toolkit CodeFest 2013 (2013-08-09) Entire video
Web Experience Toolkit CodeFest 2013 - Day 1 Web Experience Toolkit CodeFest 2013 (2013-08-08) Entire video
@TonyclementCPC speaking about the new open gig platform used on With a throw out to #wxt socialcam (Richard Pietro, 2013-06-18) Entire video
Exploring Canada's Web Experience Toolkit Webinar (2013-04-17) Entire video. There's also a blog post about it.
Nick Schonning & Laura Wesley present WET at A11yTO Meet-up - video by HTML5_Toronto Toronto Accessibility & Inclusive Design Meet-up (2013-04-16) Entire video. There's also a Storify of the tweets
Creating dynamic and accessible content in Drupal 7 using WAI-ARIA DrupalCon Sydney (2013-02-07) 15:45 to 20:06
GitHub in Government New York State Senate Capitol Camp (2012-11-16) 9:35 to 9:47 and 17:15 to 20:00


Award Event Year
Excellence in Public Service Delivery Government Technology Exhibition and Conference (GTEC) 2012
People's Choice Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI) 2011
Share & Re-Use Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI) 2011

Known implementations

Government of Canada implementations

Name URL
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Healthy Canadians
Supreme Court of Canada
40+ Government of Canada departments Various

Other implementations

Name URL
City of Ottawa website
CKAN extension that adds the Web Experience Toolkit to CKAN 2.0
Nunavut General Monitoring Plan (NGMP)