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  • Footnotes: Adjusted SCSS to accommodate lists/tables within footnotes. Fixes #6157.
  • Details/summary polyfill: Set closed details visibility to hidden to make text nodes invisible (although still take up space)
  • Calendar of events: wb-updated event now triggered on wb-calevt element.
  • Lightbox: add ajax override and include example and documentation
  • Data Ajax: Added support for CORS and a fallback when CORS isn't supported
  • Session Timeout: Added missing window[ 'wb-sessto' ] support.
  • Session timeout: Fixed data-wb-sessto support
  • i18n: Updated the French translation for the 'play' label for the multimedia player and carousel.
  • Feeds: removed the col- class from the Flickr list items for them to flow at sm and md views
  • Print CSS: Set the print CSS for the page header elements.
  • Tabs: Fixed resize handling for multiple tabbed interfaces
  • Tabs: Added missing id to the carousel tabs
  • Tabs: Optimized onResize function
  • Tabs: Made session storage usage unique to the page
  • Tabs: Added ability to show a tab panel with an external link or event.
  • Tabs: Prevented overlapping during loading and view changes
  • Tabs: Fixed focus handling for external tab links
  • Template: Move the metadata to an include


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