v4.0.10 - Notes d'utilisation

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  • Core: Fixed generation of unique id values
  • Geomap: allow geocoder and AOI widgets to be loaded independently.
  • Geomap: Solve geolocation text problem in French
  • Tabs + Details/Summary: Open ancestor tabpanels and details elements when setfocus event is triggered inside.
  • Tabs: Fixed visibility of details summary nested in a hidden details
  • Tabs: Fixed WAI-ARIA roles and support for Ctrl + up arrow
  • Tabs: Fixed resizing issue that could result in an undefined variable error
  • Carousel: Fixed handling of play/pause button markup changes
  • Calendar of Events: Direct linking now respects the source link target attribute and related code has been optimized.
  • Twitter: Set width to 100% by default.
  • Lightbox: Added aria-labelledby to the Lightbox content area to help Jaws to read the contained header.
  • Theming: Added the ability for themes to customize WET variables.


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