v3.0.14 release notes (final version for v3.0.x)

What's New

  • GCWU and Intranet themes: Fixed menu link separator for links in active state
  • GCWU and Intranet themes: Changed lines separating menu bar links to grey
  • GCWU and Intranet themes: Fixed Form validation field focus
  • GC Web Usability theme: Corrected GC Web Usability theme footer links and shortened to domain names where possible
  • Fixed validation error with favicon reference
  • Added wb-navcurr styling to mega menu
  • Calendar of Events: Removed role='application'
  • Tabbed interface: Now ignoring keystrokes modifed by the control, alt and meta keys
  • Grids: Made button height consistent within button groups


Number of commits: 61

List of commits