v4.0.5 - Notes d'utilisation

Template changes (non-breaking)

  • Themes: Added server message pages and 404 error pages
  • Themes: Cleaned up the splash page markup (non-breaking markup change)
  • Themes: Removed aria-label from logo links since unnecessary duplication with text in the link itself (non-breaking markup change)
  • Themes: Removed role='img' from logo link object to prevent object from being announced by screen readers (non-breaking markup change)

Quoi de neuf?

Needs translation

  • Added wb-ready events to all plugins and polyfills
  • Build: Fixed Linux issues with the development environment setup script
  • Cleaned up the display of Basic HTML version and when JavaScript is disabled
  • Core: Updated Bootstrap for Sass version to 3.2.0+1
  • Date picker: Fixed French toggle and close button
  • Documentation: Added all missing documentation for plugins, polyfills and "other" components
  • Documentation: Translated the getting started documentation and the multimedia player and Web Accessibility Assessment Methodology documentation into French
  • Documentation: Updated the browser testing recommendations
  • Equal heights: Fix a bug in IE8 where the last class would get removed if not followed by a semi-colon
  • Feeds: Switched timerpoke-based visibility check to widget-based visibility check
  • Lightbox: Added documentation on how to leverage Magnific Popup mfp* events
  • Lightbox: Fixed null error when element is deleted
  • Made Basic HTML version more noticeable by making skip links visible at all times
  • Multimedia player: Fixed the controls being shifted in the YouTube player
  • Overlay / Lightbox: Fixed handling of same-page links to elsewhere on the page
  • Share / Multimedia player: Added 'Share this audio file' option
  • Tables: Added documentation on how to leverage DataTables *.dt events
  • Tables: Fixed sort order of formatted numbers
  • Tables: Made sort icons narrower and removed extra space when sorting disabled
  • Tabs: Fixed automatic tab rotation and handling of data
  • Tabs: Fixed fade effect in Safari
  • Tabs: Fixed linking to an anchor within the same tab panel
  • Tabs: Fixed printing of regular tabs with CSS transitions


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