v4.0.30 release notes

Version 4.0.30

What’s new?

Version 4.0.30

  • Patch - Lightbox - Overwritten window when clicking on a current page link
  • Minor - Tables - Filter interface, adding support for input[type=date] when resetting
  • Minor - RSS feeds - Adding live XML file reading for files within the CORS limit
  • Patch - Menu - Opening the mobile menu when the menu is static in the page
  • Minor - RSS feeds - News feed reading in ATOM-like JSON XML format
  • Minor - RSS feeds - Retrieving the news feed reading by the Yahoo API. This is replaced by a live reading.
  • Minor - Tables - Removing page numbering when there is only one results page
  • Minor - Tables - Filter interface, adding the filter results option with check boxes
  • Patch - Integrated Twitter Timeline - Removing the example with the obsolete Twitter code
  • Patch - Tables - Filter interface, making adjustments when there are several check boxes in more than one column
  • WET developer - Modifying the compilation script and its dependencies

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As per the rule defined by Design decision 2: Browser supported

  • Chrome 71
  • Chrome 70
  • Safari 12.0
  • Firefox 65
  • Firefox 64.0.2
  • Firefox ESR - 60.5.0
  • IE 11
  • Edge 18


Number of commits: 26

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Le SRI rovide a method to protect website delivery. The following information are the hash for key resource in WET and GCWeb.


sha256-V75xJAgrU7rpXVh0IxYGDgDjbKCRIsq49d28m+wdo9I= sha512-1VnVF2fV2arx5BsPGt4gFe5DeSWJHNvbg0hRFUviibbfcwBOf2+WDbLoqLHcmDSmEEkUXe1faPR4H7xzm9gu6Q==

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