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  • Ajax fetch / Data Ajax / Menu: Now passing along AJAX status and messaging in Ajax fetch and only completing Data Ajax and Menu updates when there are no load errors
  • Archived: Removed duplicate icon
  • Calendar of events: Fixed arrowing to previous/next month
  • Calendar of events: Switched to only one link being in the tab order at a time
  • Calender of events / Date picker: Fixed application of colours to other themes
  • Core: Fixed gray-light so meets colour contrast against white backgrounds
  • Core: Fixed selector for wet-boew script element
  • Core: Preventing viewChange from removing all classes if executed too early. This is a failsafe for cases where viewChange is manually triggered too early.
  • CSS: Fixed colcount support for ordered lists
  • Date picker: Fixed listing of maximum month
  • Feeds: Added Facebook template for Facebook-driven feeds
  • Form validation: Added ability to configure which fields for validation to ignore
  • Form validation: Made labels for number and digit/numeric validation more accurate
  • Geomap: Added area of interest (AOI), geolcoation, and geocoding widgets
  • jQuery: Update to 1.11.1 and 2.1.1 patch releases
  • Lightbox: Fixed incorrect closing of AJAX popups.
  • Menu: Fixed order of navcurrent checking to go from more specific links to less specific links
  • Multimedia player: Added a volume control
  • Multimedia player: Added the ability to share a video
  • Multimedia player: Added WAI-ARIA properties to the toggle buttons (mute and cc)
  • Multimedia player: Dropped the fast forward and rewind buttons
  • Multimedia player: Fixed the audio player displaying as a video
  • Multimedia player: Fixed the display and positioning of the progress bar and the closed caption button
  • Multimedia player: Fixed the multimedia player in xxsmall view
  • Multimedia player: Increased the captions area to minimize shifting in mobile devices. Also centred captions vertically.
  • Multimedia player: Made the text always visible and the background for the controls lighter
  • Multimedia player: Removed the overlay for the YouTube player. The overlay was overlapping all buttons rendering them non-functional.
  • Multimedia player: Unified the multimedia controls focus display
  • Share: Changed share widget from a right panel to a centred popup
  • Share: Removed Technorati option due to 404 error for faves option
  • Share: Removed underlining for space between link text and the share icon
  • Tabbed interface: Added ability to control rotation interval through data-wb-tabs
  • Tabbed interface: Carousels are now scalable so can fit in columns of varying sizes
  • Tabbed interface: Enabled tab count to be visible in extra-small view
  • Tabbed interface: Fixed fading effect
  • Tabbed interface: Stops carousel for any clicks within a tab panel
  • Tabbed interface / Multimedia player: Added example of the multimedia player embedded in a Tabbed interface carousel
  • Tabbed interface / Multimedia player: Automatically stops all multimedia players within the current tab panel when the tab panel changes
  • Tabbed interface / Multimedia player: Changed examples to use figure/figcaption
  • Tabbed interface / Multimedia player: Fixed z-index issue with multimedia players embedded in a tabs carousel


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