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Version 4.0.25

Quoi de neuf?


  • Correctif pour le fil de syndication afin de pouvoir lire un flux JSON dans un format similaire à ATOM.

Veuillez lire les Directives sur l'application du correctif du fil de syndication pour la WET-BOEW et ses thèmes connexes.

Version 4.0.25

Needs translation

  • Multimedia player: Revised second video demos to use TTML captions.
  • Documentation: Updated several links in French version history page.
  • Remove facebook from feeds
  • Data Inview - Add fade in/out reverse transition
  • Auto add close button to left and right modal footer (if footer dont exist add with close button)
  • Base/Theme: Added a content area background colour variable.
  • Convert pagination to a list
  • Wb-disable - Add a notice to disabled mode
  • Data-ajax: add cache busting feature
  • Facebook plugin
  • Data-ajax - Conditional loading based on HTTP referrer
  • Data Ajax - Working example and docs for httpref config
  • Add print to overlays
  • Footnotes: Fully disabled plugin in wbdisable mode.
  • Overlay Print - Only print the active dialog.
  • Update twitter demo and documentation
  • Add ability to remove borders in dl
  • Calendar - Show today date or the closest on initialization
  • CSS: Added lst-none class for removing only bullets from lists


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