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Version 4.0.23

Quoi de neuf?


  • Correctif pour le fil de syndication afin de pouvoir lire un flux JSON dans un format similaire à ATOM.

Veuillez lire les Directives sur l'application du correctif du fil de syndication pour la WET-BOEW et ses thèmes connexes.

Version 4.0.23

Needs translation

  • [Datatables] - added more filtering capabilites (#7638)
  • Multimedia player: Increased specifity of keyboard shortcuts and fixed space key shortcut issues.
  • Bootstrap overrides: Changed placeholder links to look like plain text.
  • jquery validation: Update step validation to handle floating points correctly #7666
  • Menu: Add support for ajaxed footer parts
  • Data-ajax - Improved the documentation to explain the internal event "wb-contentupdated"
  • Menu: Enhancements to hover behaviour (#7416)
  • [Multimedia] - ARIA addition (#7507)
  • Updated the i18n files with Inuktitut
  • JSON fetch and data JSON plugin. Insert content extracted from a JSON file. Data are selected as per JSON Pointer URI Fragment, RFC6901


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