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Version 4.0.22

Quoi de neuf?


  • Correctif pour le fil de syndication afin de pouvoir lire un flux JSON dans un format similaire à ATOM.

Veuillez lire les Directives sur l'application du correctif du fil de syndication pour la WET-BOEW et ses thèmes connexes.

Version 4.0.22

Needs translation

  • Tabs Carousel - Stop carousel if only 1 panel fixed #7428
  • Fixed the date picker for field with a period in the ID
  • Details: Changed native summary to display as list-item.
  • Footnotes: Allow return links to point to pages (not just IDs).
  • Plugin Geomap: fix issue #7353 (#7367)
  • Collapsible alerts: Changed H3 headings to H2s on index/demo/docs pages.
  • Collapsible alerts: Fixed arrow underline, hover/focus outline and linked area overflow issues.
  • Updated grunt-gh-pages from 0.9.0 to 1.1.0
  • Calendar of events: fix #7609 and improved how the focus is determined
  • Tabbed interface: Increased performance and fixed/enhanced 1 tab implementations. (#7630)


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