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Version 4.0.21

Quoi de neuf?


  • Correctif pour le fil de syndication afin de pouvoir lire un flux JSON dans un format similaire à ATOM.

Veuillez lire les Directives sur l'application du correctif du fil de syndication pour la WET-BOEW et ses thèmes connexes.

Version 4.0.21

Needs translation

  • Geomap: Fixed issue where KML feature attributes were not sources from ExtendedData elements
  • Removed img block from figure and carousel-s1 li block to fix compile errors
  • Details/Summary: Fixed the double description in the french demo that crashes the build
  • Tabbed interface: Update for a11y code Improved the LI text for panels and removed alt text for the pictures. Fixes #6693.
  • Fixed the alignment of the login buttons
  • Equal height: Fixed issues with the demo page's code samples.
  • Calendar: Refactored the library
  • Date Picker: Refactored and updated to the new calendar library
  • Calendar of Event: Updated to the new calendar library


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