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  • +2 release fixes an issue with feeds not functioning
  • Fixed various visual issues with details/summary, collapsible alerts, tabs, and sidebar menus related to recent details/summary enhancements
  • Fixed a bug involving android browser losing textual focus when touching an input element inside a form
  • Added the ability to automatically open the correct tab when linking to an anchor inside that tab with the correct scroll position
  • Fixed a visual line wrapping issue in footnotes affecting reference links
  • Added a class to lightbox (wb-lbx-skip) to skip a given link from being considered to be part of the gallery
  • Fixed an issue in tabs with scrolling when linking to anchors inside tabs
  • Visual improvements to the horizontal description list styling
  • Enable styling legends for checkbox and radio button groups as labels via the class chkbxrdio-grp
  • Allow errors to wrap in the form validation plugin
  • Fixed issues related to events occurring inside tabs causing tabs to close
  • Prevent underline styling for navigation links in tabs and pills
  • Fix duplicate error summaries in form validation
  • Fix bug related to duplicate end dates in the calendar of events plugin
  • Fix btn-xs text alignment
  • Fix offline jQuery loading the IE8 version in modern browsers and IE8 loading the modern browser version


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