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  • Footnotes: Added minor SCSS improvements. * Increased total width of the footnotes section by removing unnecessary left/right margins (old carry-overs from WET 3.x). * Slightly increased widths of return links to prevent right borders from disappearing in 2 column pages when 3 digit numbers are used. * Adjusted vertical positioning of return links and nearby paragraphs to make them appear exactly on the same line.
  • Tables: Fixed incorrect display of sorting icons in multi-row table headers
  • Core: Normalized encoding of the query string in Internet Explorer to prevent cross-site scripting issues
  • Menu: Fixed HTML5 markup of the mobile panel section headers
  • Lightbox: Added the ability to use the ajax option from Magnific Popup
  • Lightbox: Fixed firing of the wb-ready.wb-lbx event when opening a Lightbox through JavaScript
  • Details/summary: Fixed indenting of headings in the summary element
  • Form validation: Added documentation and/or examples of all the jQuery validation methods with French translations and corrected the telephone number label
  • CSS: Made details/summary look clickable.


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