v4.0.14 - Notes d'utilisation

Quoi de neuf?

Needs translation

  • Charts: Thousand and decimal separator defined in i18n and documentation improvement.
  • Multimedia and feeds: Replace the loading image with a glyphicon.
  • Equal Height: Added a test to determine if the plugin works on multiple block Tests #6680.
  • Toggle: Fixed potential conflict between persist and state and fixed related documentation.
  • Charts and Graphs: Fixed a code style issue breaking the build.
  • Menu: Fixed closing the menu through the escape key.
  • Overlay: Ensure that elements with focus outside an overlay are visible.
  • Tabbed interface: Stop the list of tabs from wrapping when there are too many tabs or when their labels are too long.
  • New plugin: Dismissable content.
  • Lightbox: Fixed link text on demo page.
  • CSS: Updated styling of fieldset and legend elements.


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