v4.0.12 - Notes d'utilisation

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  • Carousel: Modified CSS to enable entire panels to be linked. Replaces the first part of #6458
  • Charts: Added option to safely include Flot plugins Safely fixes #4466 and #6516
  • Data Ajax: Added ability to filter by URL hash or selector
  • Lightbox: Added ability to filter by URL hash or selector
  • Feeds: Fix display of Facebook profile images and translate documentation
  • Form validation: Fixed issue with a click on a summary link being ignored when focus is in a form field
  • Lightbox: Fixed positioning of close button for AJAX sources
  • Multimedia: Replaced the overlay with a CSS one and simplified the controls
  • Multimedia Player: Added the transcript link to the YouTube player Fixes #6621
  • Tabbed interface: Fixed focus issues with carousel style 2 with thumbnails example
  • Tabbed interface: Fixed issue with clicking links in nested tabpanels
  • Tables: Fixed the pagination display where there are more than 6 pages
  • Tabs: Fixed link color in non carousel tabbed interfaced Introduced by #6554


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