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  • DataTables: Fixed the page number when more than one datatable is on the page
  • Multimedia: Fix the playback of video in IE9-11
  • Geomap: Fixed issue where default attribution wasn't added to map
  • Geomap: Added WMS overlay capability with support for graphic and HTML legends, cql_queries, and layer opacity
  • Menu: Fixed Javascript execution halted when non link, non heading text in secondary menu
  • Footnotes: Adjusted print SCSS to prevent URLs from appearing beside return links
  • Theme: Added aria-labelledby to the Lightbox content area to help Jaws to read the contained header
  • Tabs: Fixed firing of the wb-updated event so it only fires on a tabpane change
  • Toggle: Added the ability to set the initial state of a toggle button and fixed the handling of nested elements
  • SCSS Variables: Updated src variables file and added customizable variables for Tabs plugin
  • Updated Bootstrap for Sass version to 3.3.1:


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