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  • Build: Added SCSS-Lint to the Travis build
  • Data-picture: Added support for data-class attribute
  • Details/summary: Added indenting and margin bottom when details is open
  • Documentation: Added a getting started guide
  • Favicon: Updated plugin element selector
  • Feedback form: Fixed triggering of the form validation plugin
  • Lightbox: Fixed inner padding of AJAX modal dialog
  • Lightbox: Popup now closes when navigating outside the popup
  • Menu: Added support for additional footer links in the mobile panel
  • Menu: Added support for more than just English and French
  • Menu: Changed down triangle to chevron
  • Menu: Fixed secondary menu links in mobile panel in IE8
  • Menu: Removed underlining on menu hover
  • Multimedia player: Fixed issues with the iPad player not preserving ratio
  • Multimedia player: Fixed the display of the progress bar in Webkit
  • Multimedia player: Fixed the YouTube player duration not updating properly
  • Multimedia player: Hiding the close captions button on the audio player
  • Multimedia player: Restored responsiveness for the YouTube player
  • Overlay: Fixed incorrect overlay border in IE8
  • Share widget: Removed DZone due to their broken login page redirect
  • Tabbed interface: Fixed duplication of carousel play/pause button text when button is activated
  • Tables: Added sorting for currency and formatted numbers
  • Tables: Changed sort icons
  • Web Accessibility Assessment Methodology: Fixed issue with AA total
  • WET theme: Enabled secondary menu to work without the a element on the top header


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