v4.0.0 Candidat 1 - Notes d'utilisation

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  • Geomap: Ported Charts plugin from WET v3.1.
  • Share widget: Corrected share widget links
  • Share widget: Added site filter
  • Share widget: Added Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and mailto options
  • Tabs: Changed top border, and background colours of tabs to make the active tab more distinctive
  • Tabs: Changed the carousel tabbing order so previous/next are before the tabs
  • Tabs: Reconfigured button locations and backgrounds of carousel style 2 in small view
  • Tabs: Added Item x of n display for carousel in small view
  • Multimedia player: Fixed display of buttons
  • Form validation: Changed appearance of error summary and inline messages
  • Menu: Changed secondary menu to a contextual menu
  • Bootstrap: Switched to Sass variant
  • Bootstrap: Overrode the default appearance of Bootstrap labels, alerts and btn-default
  • WET theme: Removed role='contentinfo' from Date modified field
  • Build: Added HTML validation
  • Build: Added the i18n auto-generation of theme pages with strings from Google Docs
  • Build: Separate IE8 uglify for ANSII issue


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