v4.0.0 Bêta 1 - Notes d'utilisation

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  • New plugin framework based upon JavaScript Event Programming (JEP)
  • Major reduction in total page sizes, page load times and page paint times (approximately an 80% decrease)
  • Replaced grid system with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Ported most v3.1 plugins and polyfills and optimized for touchscreen mobile devices
  • Replaced mobile popups with a mobile panel, reducing the number of buttons for mobile to one
  • Increased font size and spacing between touch targets to better support touchscreen devices
  • New plugins: Data AJAX, Data-Inview, Equal height, Overlay, Toggle and Twitter Embedded Timeline
  • Removed dependency on jQuery Mobile
  • Page no longer refreshes when transitioning between views
  • Replaced custom Ant build system with a build system based on Node.js, Grunt.js, Bower, Assemble and other well-supported build components


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