Provisional features

Unstable feature

To be used at your own risk. All functionalities described below can be removed in any subsequent minor/major release

Learn more about the design decision around provisional features.

The documentation and/or working examples for those features could be incomplete or not available.

Feature availability

The following table describes until which version of WET-BOEW each provisional feature will be available. The features' availability will be re-evaluated at every release. A withdrawn provisional feature would be notified one version in advance.

Status description
<not specified>
The feature are not available
The feature are included and supported by the WET-BOEW public API.
Withdrawn after v.Major.Minor
The v.Major.Minor represent the last version where that feature is available. Authors must consider an alternative or remove that feature.
Name Description Available in Status
CSS .bg-cover Background size cover v4.0.34 Stable since v4.0.40
Plugin [data-bgimg] Take the URL value and set it as the background image. To be replaced by CSS4 selector. v4.0.34 Stable since v4.0.40
Plugin [data-bgimg-srcset] Detects the change in screen width and replace the background image accordingly v4.0.34 Stable since v4.0.40
Plugin .wb-steps Provides the ability to split a form into steps v4.0.35 Detailed documentation
Plugin [data-wb-randomize] This plugin randomly picks one of the child component to be shown on the browser v4.0.35 Stable since v4.0.40
Plugin .wb-postback This plugin makes an AJAX request when a form is submitted to stay on page. Detailed documentation v4.0.35 Stable since v4.0.40
CSS .bg-center Background position center v4.0.36 Stable since v4.0.40
CSS .position-relative Puts an element in a relative position. Supported after v4.0.37 (STR) Stable since v4.0.37
Plugin .wb-addcal This plugin add an event to a calendar (google, Apple, Android, Outlook and others). v4.0.42.3 Detailed documentation
Plugin .wb-details-close This plugin keeps selected details elements closed on defined viewport, default is small. After v4.0.44.5 (STR) Detailed documentation
Plugin .wb-tagfilter This plugin filters through content and shows/hides content that match a certain tags. After v4.0.51.1 (STR) Detailed documentation provisional feature are listed on the GCWeb home page with the status "Provisional".

Provisional feature documentation

CSS provisional features must be accompanied by the class .provisional within his context of use.

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