Accessibility assessment #1 - WCAG Level AA


This is an informal assessment based on an accessibility testing rule set. It cannot be seen as an accessibility conformance report. The latter is published separately from the assessment and only indicates if the requirements are satisfied, not satisfied, or if further testing is needed as specified by establishing the conformity described in WCAG 2.1. This assessment can contain false positives, false negatives, or be accurate. The assessment interpretation, via the accessibility conformance report, can consider other independent assessments in order to establish the conformance.

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Accessibility assessment
Asserted by:
Unknown on behalf of Not Available
Not Available
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  • CSS selector: Not applicable
Subpart of the subject and expertise field involvment

List of subparts that might be assessed independently of the main identified subject. For example: a menu, an image, a video... Note: the following list may be empty if not applicable.

Suggested list of expertise topics that might need to be involved in the subject assessment in order to produce a complete accessibility conformance report. Note: the following list may be empty if not applicable.

Toward a conformity at:
Not specified (Option: Not specified)
No note

Assessment details

Success Criteria Result Comment

Note: Based on the following ruleset: Not available

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