Training and Development


(Animated pen draws a red line that leads into the text Training and development.)

Hi, my name is Eric, and I'm a Service Canada employee.

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Each and every day, Canadians are improving their job skills or changing their career paths.

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: Stairs appear and our stick person walks towards them, stops. Question marks appear around his head.)

Are you thinking about taking that step?

If so, did you know that you can research more than 300 job profiles online?

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Plus, you can find out what skills you'll need to get the job that interests you.

(Medium shot of Host. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: The (actual) Job Bank’s Training and learning page appears. The words “Training, Career and Worker Information” are highlighted.)

Job Bank's Training and Careers site lets you explore adult-learning choices and explains the various options that are available to help you pay for the training you need.

(Medium shot of Host.)

You can even find counsellors, teachers, and other resources near you if you'd like to have more information before you make a decision.

(Medium shot of Host.)

And the support doesn't end there.

(Medium shot of Host. (actual) Service Canada home page. Dissolve to (actual) Labour Market Information site.)

From the alphabetical index on our Service Canada home page, you can link to the Labour Market Information site.

There, you'll find out what kinds of jobs are available, by area, across the country, and what skills you'll need to get those jobs.

(Medium shot of Host. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: our stick person in a classroom setting.)

But, what if you decide to go for full-time training?

Well, there are a number of loans and grants available that could help you with the costs.

(Medium shot of Host.)

For example, there's the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for those who've completed the first or second level of their apprenticeship.

And for those who've completed the entire apprenticeship, in a specific trade, there's the Apprenticeship Completion Grant.

(Show (actual) Canada Student Loans Program – Permanent Disability Benefit web page. Words “Student Loans Program” and “Study Grant” appear.)

If you have a permanent disability, you may want to look into the Canada Student Loans program, or apply for a study grant.

(Show main Life-Long Learning Plan program pages.)

Under the Life-Long Learning Plan program, you can find out how to use some of your RRSP funds to pay for your education or training.

(Medium shot of Host.)

Whatever you see yourself doing, why not take the time to discover all your options?

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: our stick person waves.)

Doing your homework now can help you get on the right path to finding the work you want.

(Our stick person appears typing at computer and desk. (actual) Canada homepage, Job Bank and LMI pages loom out from the computer.)

Be sure to check out our Service Canada Web site.

There you'll find the tools and information you need to continue your education and training.

It really is time well spent.

(Tight shot of the Host. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: Service Canada logo. Stick person takes a bow.)

At Service Canada, we're people serving people.

(Dip to black.)

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