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v6.0.x release notes

Version 6.0

What's new?

WET-BOEW v4.0.32 (see release notes)

  • Styles and plugins
    • Overlay
    • Share widget
    • Core
    • Tables
    • Data inview
  • Maintenance
    • Dependencies versions
    • Build script

Modified files for implementation

  • Main JavaScript:
    • GCWeb/js/theme.js
    • GCWeb/js/theme.min.js
  • Main CSS:
    • GCWeb/css/theme.css
    • GCWeb/css/theme.min.css
  • i18n English, French and Spanish languages:
    • wet-boew/js/i18n/en.js
    • wet-boew/js/i18n/en.min.js
    • wet-boew/js/i18n/fr.js
    • wet-boew/js/i18n/fr.min.js
    • wet-boew/js/i18n/es.js
    • wet-boew/js/i18n/es.min.js

Browsers supported

As per the rule defined by Design decision 2: Browser supported

  • Chrome 78
  • Chrome 77
  • Safari 13.0.2
  • Firefox 70.0.1
  • Firefox 69.0.3
  • Firefox ESR - 68.2.0
  • IE 11
  • Edge 44


Number of commits: 40

List of commits

Subresource integrity (SRI)

SRI provides a method to protect website delivery. The following information contains the hash for key resource in WET and GCWeb.


sha256-hOAKde0eEqVToWIMPZL1ViOjJkhBI+xorwnlvqxFidI= sha512-lVlmD+kITvu95mez8fccL8o2FhySXd/38usn+19DZOkEgLozp9hzokERsPGmgTipMfrGaC+4hKh2o+fNpXXerA==

Get all hash (JSON format):

More details and examples

Related to template


			<div class="bg-gctheme opct-90">
					<div class="container">
						<div class="row">
							<div class="mrgn-tp-md mrgn-bttm-md col-xs-12">
								<p class="pull-left text-white mrgn-bttm-0">Featured: </p>
								<p class="pull-left mrgn-bttm-0"><a class="stretched-link text-white" href="#">[Promotion title]</a></p>

			<div class="bg-gctheme opct-90">
					<div class="container">
						<a class="figcaption text-white" href="#">
							<figure class="clearfix">
								<div><p class="pull-left mrgn-tp-md mrgn-bttm-md">Featured:</p></div>
								<figcaption class="pull-left mrgn-tp-md mrgn-bttm-md">[Promotion title]</figcaption>
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