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The Future of the Web Experience Toolkit

Mario Bonito

Team Lead for development of Service Canada

One of our most popular session leaders from 2013 is back! As one of the creators of the Web Experience Toolkit, Mario Bonito will share his views on what's next. Learn how you can influence the direction of this innovative, interdepartmental and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

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Accessibility, Inclusion & Diversity

Jeff Stark

Jeffrey D. Stark

Accessibility, Accommodations and Adaptive Computer Technology Program Shared Services Canada

100s of software aids, 10000s of hardware aids and a cornucopia of solutions exist to support the needs of people with disabilities. How do we ensure that people are included. Practical tips for how to approach inclusion by design, integrating accessibility requirements at various stages of a project & ensuring that the diverse requirements of vision, hearing, physical and cognitive user requirments are met.

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Evidence-Based Design: How Canadians Get WET

Lisa Fast

Senior Partner, User Experience Research & Strategy NeoInsight

Lisa will share evidence from usability testing of WET and with over 180 Canadians on computers, phones and tablets. Canadians have also been testing WET plugins and polyfill in an interactive form design, with changes along the way. Lisa will focus on the types of content that people skip on the web - like instructions, photos, form fields, date formats - and how you can work around these behaviours to produce user-centred service designs that work with WET.

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Accessible Design: Which everyone do you mean?

Derek Featherstone

Lead Web & Mobile Accessibility Consultant and Trainer/Speaker Simply Accessible

Think accessibility means making your site work with a screen reader? Think again. Or rather, think bigger. Much bigger. In this illuminating presentation, Derek expands our minds (and hearts) to consider all audiences, including other cultures, folks with different levels of technical expertise, and those aging into disabilities. You'll walk away with practical tools to help you design and build sites that go way beyond screen reader compatibility and edge into our favourite territory: building a web for every kind of everyone.

About Derek

Derek Featherstone has been working as a web professional since 1999 and is an internationally known speaker and authority on accessibility and web design. He leads the team at Simply Accessible, based in Ottawa, Canada.

Derek always puts the user first and strives to make the web a better place by designing experiences that are easy to use for everyone, including people with disabilities. Derek’s ideal accessible experience combines engaging and rich content with brilliant design and technical development excellence. That user-centred focus sets the course for Simply Accessible, and—more importantly—their clients.

Meet our MC, Laurent Goderre

Laurent Goderre has worked on the Web Experience Toolkit since its inception and led the development for the latest version of the toolkit. Laurent also led the Standard on Web Accessibility Compliance Reporting in answer to the Jodhan federal court decision. Laurent is very active in the open source community and thrives to work collaboratively with his peers towards a better, more accessible Web. Laurent is also a craft beer enthusiast and accomplished home brewer.